Engaging Creativity

The Push + Pull 

At one point or another we will all come up against the push and pull of creative engagement. The feeling that you need to be creative, but you just can't get there. You're stuck. In a rut.

I've experienced this in just about every facet of my life - in my marketing work, as a yoga teacher, in relationships and even in my cooking (which is another LOVE of mine!). But, how do we get out of it?

It starts with TRUST. Trust in the process, and that creativity and inspiration will come. But the trick is that it doesn't end with just trust alone. From what I've seen that can be where a lot of us stop, especially when it comes to marketing. The minute we feel tapped out, un-inspired or worse - demoralized and disgusted - we completely walk away. Sound familiar?

Similar to a practice or ritual of any kind the rewards often do not happen immediately....but we stay steady. We put in effort and water the garden after the seeds are planted. When I meet with new clients one of the most important things I try to emphasize is consistency. Create a habit out of the ways you connect with your students and audience outside of the classroom.

What we are looking for is a combination of TRUST + CONSISTENCY. 

Now sometimes you need to overhaul what you are doing and take a step back. But don't throw everything you've done away if this is the case. When you re-emerge be open about the process to your comfort level - this is what our community is looking for, and what we all need more of.

Put It Into Action: 

  1. Share something this next week that feels authentic and real. Start with one thing - it can be one post or email that is in YOUR voice.

    Still stuck? Look at what you are teaching or offering. What is one thing your students or community can do on their own that relates to what you are teaching. Maybe a breath practice, or guided meditation, etc.
  2. Put it on your calendar WHEN you would like to share next week.
  3. Take the time to ask your community what keeps them inspired. This can be a way to get feedback about what you are doing, and perhaps what resonates with your students.

Have a good weekend everyone! I'm eager to hear if this was helpful, and I'll send out a marketing tip every few months so stay tuned. I'm also open to addressing your questions!