Expand Your Senses + Add More Depth in Your Practice

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Expanding our senses is one of the most powerful ways to find more depth and meaning in both everyday life and in the yoga practice. When we are kids our senses are wide open as we explore things often for the first time. But as we get older we lose this sense of wonder with the natural world, and literally cut ourselves off from both seeing and feeling deeply. It is hard to take in everything around us actually --- from the struggles of those around us to the latest political news. It feels safer to shut things out so we can get on with our lives.

There is a third way. We can both expand our senses and wake up to more feeling inside and all around us, with compassion and empathy for ourselves and others. It means you will feel more, and it definitely means you have to create stronger boundaries if you notice something is zapping your energy and not doing you any good to continue.

I have a practice of no social media or news on Saturdays, and I do not work on that day.

And I've begun the practice of not looking at my phone when I am in transit (the transition times) to try and create little pockets of space where I can take a few breaths in and out and be present.

What is one way that you can create a boundary for yourself and your energy in your life --- so you can expand your senses and not get burnout?

In my latest guided meditation I offer a short practice that will help you tap even more into your senses, and we start off with a nice calming breath practice which can help soothe your system too.

Sending you ease yogi(ni)s, and see you on the mat soon!