What is your purpose?

This past week I've struggled as I know most of us have - my body aches, my emotions are up and down, my self care is all over the place and yet I have found moments of peace, clarity and a bit more balance. Through this process I've also re-connected even stronger back to my purpose. The reason why I'm doing the work I do in the world. And what keeps me going.

Our yoga practice can also teach us to see - to identify where we are closing down, numbing out or engaging in a lot of heat when life throws us a curve ball. Also, it can illuminate where we are not allowing our process and emotions to be present. For me, the lesson that I am learning is to be patient with myself.

After last week's election and a week long silent meditation and yoga retreat at Spirit Rock my eyes are more open to the subtle and not so subtle ways I process, and also what triggers me. Interestingly enough my triggers are also related to my purpose. The things that light me up are also the very things I am working to help others heal inside of themselves. This is common, especially among those of us that work to give back to community. 

One way to help us connect back in to the world and to each other is purpose. When I meet with clients I always try to emphasize that they go back to their "why" when thinking about marketing. 

Why are you doing what you do in the world?

This practice always helps me when my head is spinning, or if I'm caught in self judgment. It also helps when I can't quite find the words or strength to hold the space.

Put Purpose Into Action: 

  1. Write down your purpose on a sticky note, or in a place where you can see if often. When you are struggling, having a bad day or feeling uninspired look at the note. It will ground you, I promise.
  2. Connect everything you do to your why. So every class you teach, email you send, social media post or video you share comes back to your mission.
  3. Don't make it more complicated than it is! 

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