summer yoga

3 Cooling Practices for Summer

Summer and me have a love/hate relationship.

I crave the freedom to play, to explore, change up my routine and get outside a lot more. But, I often find myself face to face with struggle during this season. In the summer in particular I come face to face with desire and craving. As a fiery person (and a pitta in Ayurveda, yoga’s sister science) by nature I crave excitement, activity and social gatherings. But I can easily overdo it and wind up feeling depleted. 

Listen to your energy, and if you are present you will begin to learn when it is truly enough and you need to rest (or when you have the energy to continue). Make plans if you like but let go of the outcome in the moment. Have fun and live fully!

+++ Here are 3 yoga poses to help cool your mind + body if you find yourself feeling anxious, overheated or ungrounded this summer.

We often forget that we have tools available to us wherever we are - whether you are traveling or at home, to feel more rejuvenated and present all summer long. 

Take at least a few minutes for each pose below, and you will feel refreshed and relaxed at the end of this practice:

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