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Yoga is an embodied physical practice that helps you
WORK OUT tension, 
UN-WIND patterns of fatigue and stress in your body, 
CALM your mind
and build strength from the inside out.


Hatha Flow + Restore

Find balance, build strength and cultivate ease in this dynamic yoga practice. In the first half of this class we will focus on strengthening poses to build muscle tone and flexibility, and in the second half of the class you will relax and completely unwind with therapeutic and gentle restorative poses that will help you let go of chronic stress and tension in the body and mind. 

Sign up for Class Sundays at 11am, Yoga Tree Stanyan
Sign up for Class → Tuesdays & Thursdays at 3:00pm, Yoga Tree Stanyan
Sign up for Class → Wednesdays & Fridays at 10:45am, Yoga Tree 6th Avenue


Gentle & Restorative Candlelight Yoga

Soothe your stress with this healing, calming and rejuvenating class. We will practice deep meditative poses, supported by props and held for extended periods of time, to help relax and re-balance the body. This class is a wonderful addition for practitioners of any level.

Sign up for Class → Sundays at 5:30pm, Sunporch Yoga

I’m stronger now and able to do things in middle age that I couldn’t do in my youth thanks to Crystal’s classes. The vibe in class is very nourishing and reassuring.
— Jules